‘Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.’

I never felt this low in my entire life. It seems like nothing is going right in all aspects of my life right now.

I am trying to be patient and kind to myself by knowing that I did the best I could. And if it’s still not enough for them. It is okay.

I feel like I am drowning with my negative thoughts and overthinking. And I never credit myself for all those times I had been resilient.

However this time, I don’t want to be resilient. I just want to let myself feel what they need to feel. Honor every emotions and express them as much as I could.

I am always the girl that is ‘too much’ for many. There were moments that I am thinking that maybe they were right. Maybe I am actually too much. Maybe yeah, it is my fault.

But this time, I realized that it is never wrong to ask for more when you know to yourself you deserve more. Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Your sunshine is coming.