Christmas 2019

It’s my 3rd Christmas by myself but don’t get me wrong because I completely enjoyed it. Because of that I had so many thoughts and realizations that came in, as a person I never get contented. I am always looking for more, working so hard, saving up money so hard because I want so many material things and places I want to go. But then, this pause gave me a realization.

Most of the time I am unstoppable, I forget how blessed I am with everything I have because I wanted more out of this life and world. I always tell myself to work so hard so I can buy that and this. But the truth is, everyone of us on this earth has purpose. God created us with a purpose.

I always dream big but most of the time is for myself but I realized this is not how I want to live my life. I want to find my purpose and leave a legacy when I die. This might sound so deep but I know since I was a kid that I think different from others. So this coming 2020, I will learn how not to be so selfish anymore, learn to dream big that will leave footprint in the community and be sensitive with the needs of others as well.


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