Changing habits

I found myself really drained and exhausted because I felt like everything in my life is just a routine. I’m craving for change and getting in touch of who I am because of that I’m becoming more aware of mental health. I read and watch shows on how to understand the way our brains work. I started with small things; keeping a journal of the things I am grateful for at the end of the day, wrote down all my toxic habits and why I need to change it. At first, I want results right away. I told myself I want to change but I don’t know where to start cause I wanted to do all things at once. It made me overwhelmed until I remind myself that I have to do this one step at a time.

After 6 months of doing those activities to improved my mental health and I already got the routine for it. I decided to level it up into working on my physical health. I set my alarm every morning at 7AM with or without work and started working out 10 mins every day. Eat a lot healthier food but this one is still trial and error. I can’t give up any food what I did instead is sub it with healthier options; example instead of having full creme milk I replace it with almond milk.

I saw the results and by this time I can finally say to myself I felt lighter and happier. This habits and lifestyle changed didn’t happened overnight. It is a lot of work and took a lot of motivation and courage to finally start it. So far being a morning person is the best decision I’ve ever made cause it is life changing. I never knew this day will come cause for 24 years of my life I am a night person. I know this is not much but for me this is already a big change. I am learning how to properly take care of myself in all aspects be it mentally and physically. I will continue to rebuild myself and align it in the quality of life I’m trying to create.



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