Reading between the lines

Like any usual after work habit, I’m scrolling thru my timeline at facebook and I came across to an article from Japan Times saying that according to a study Japan might be the loneliest country to live with. As an immigrant in this country for almost 4 years now, I cannot comprehend how accurate that article was.

For Japanese culture they have to follow social norm and most of the time you have to be mindful of your actions as to not bother anyone. It can be so tiring because humans are social being and we are created to interact with one another. As the saying goes, no man is an island but here you have no choice but do everything on your own. Clear example, Japanese tend to overwork so practically, you know their free time is so precious that you’ll think twice if you will ask for help even if you guys are friends or family.

Sadness and loneliness is like your friend in here. The world here is so fast and everyone seems to care only on material things as they prioritize their work not relationships or family. I don’t know but it makes me think that when you get older, your work won’t take care of you. I am not sure how true my observations are but the fact that there are lots of senior citizens here that is living alone or dying alone makes me think all of my assumptions are true. Forming a genuine relationship with someone be it romantically or friendship is far more valuable than any of the things that the world could offer.

I love this country for sure because it’s part of my roots as well but it makes me so sad. People seems like robot. I just hope one day..just one day they will start to see the things that I see. Life is too short to not actually living on it.



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