Love and pain


You know you love truly when the pain you’re feeling is unbearable knowing they won’t be part of your life anymore. They say better to feel pain than to live life and go on without knowing how to love. Why we humans are addicted to love when we know it can also cause us pain?

You know you truly love the person when you genuinely wish them happiness even if it means you’re not part of it anymore. No matter how cliche this might sound but it’s true. Letting you go is the greatest pain and challenge I will ever have to deal with. I’m strong and independent I can do things on my own but not having you in my life is so painful. I know I have to let you go when we cause each other more pain than happiness.

This is so hard. I hope there is an easy way to ease what I am feeling right now. But for now, I will let myself feel everything. Maybe one day…just maybe I’ll get tired of crying, overthinking where went wrong, why us. Maybe one day we will get all the answers we were searching for all these years.

As I get older, I realized love is a gift from God, a privilege. Not everyone were blessed to found love, lucky those who found it. Some are married but no love, some are single but at some point of their lives they experience great love. Call me hopeless romantic but I’m not asking for too much, I just wanted someone who I can connect with and talked to anything under the sun, above the universe and everything in-between cause life itself is tough we need someone who we can share simple things in life and won’t get tired of us.


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