Started from the bottom, now I’m here!


Who would have thought that this ‘probinsyana’ girl will make it to Osaka?!

Today, I quit my work at the factory because I got hired in an American clothing brand. This is insane! My life’s gonna shift 360 degrees. I started my life here in Japan at the real bottom as a skilled worker in a factory. But don’t get me wrong, I will never be ashamed where I came from because being a skilled worker in a foreign land is not easy. Especially, if you don’t know their language. They will mock you, bring you down, belittle you and other nasty things only just because you can’t speak their language. They think highly of themselves because they are locals of this country. But instead of being discouraged, I turned all those experiences as an inspiration to do better and educate myself. I pushed myself to learn Japanese not only speaking but also reading and writing, So no one will ever try to belittle me again and I can defend myself if someone’s trying to bully me.

I’m a truly believer of the saying ‘Everything’s happens for a reason.’ I’m glad because today, I knew the reason why all those things happened to me. I learned a lot from my experience as a skilled worker like A LOT of patience, self-discipline and time management. It was not easy, everyday you’re not treated as humans but robots. It feels like you’re programmed to do this every single time. I even worked 10-13 hours, 6 days per week. Since then, I learned to be humble and appreciate all kinds of work. I view now people the same. I salute all the OFW’s whatever kind of work you do, I know we all just have one goal and that’s to provide and help our families back home. I know it’s not easy but always remember why are we here.

Now that I’m going to a better place, I’m still thankful to factory cause it’s part of who I am today. I went through hell to be where I am right now, I fought the hardest that I can and I’m so proud of myself for not giving up even to the days where it seems like nothing makes sense anymore. But one thing for sure, if you don’t like where you are right now, do something about it! Push yourself and stop complaining. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

I’m gonna make another blog on my independent life in Osaka! I’m too excited because this is my first time to live in a city and it’s Osaka real quick! Is this even real? I’m too happy. I’m a survivor and stubborn when it comes to my goals. LOL



2 thoughts on “Started from the bottom, now I’m here!

  1. Bravo young lady! Now set your goals even higher, with the attitude and self-discipline you possess there is no limit to what you can achieve in life! Very proud of you, you set a perfect example for others to follow! Very well done!

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