JLPT Experience

This blog post has been idle in my drafts for months and I totally forgot about it cause of holidays and I’d been very busy. But I’m back, yay! I will share to you my very first JLPT experience.

So, after one year of studying Japanese, I finally had the guts to test my skills for the first time. I took the exam last month December 2016, I don’t have any high hopes for myself, it just feels right to do. So, I did it. I took N4 right away, because a friend told me that N5 and N4 exam are almost the same. The exam has three parts: vocabularies, grammar and reading, listening. N4 has Grades 1-3 kanji, I had a hard time in the reading section cause of it. So, I suggest to memorize everything! You can search on google what kanji are there for each level (google has always been my means of survival lol). I will post another blog about how to self-study kanji, so stay tuned!

I got there 2 hours before the exam. So I took time to observe all the people there based on what I saw, I can assumed there are only 3 types of people who take the JLPT: Trainees (composed of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Filipino), ALT’s(Mostly,  Americans and British) and the curious ones, like me where nobody forced us to took it. I don’t exactly know why I did it but maybe I just want to prove something to myself.

The whole exam is a waiting game but there’s also a 15 minutes break after each section. You can have last minute review or eat snack cause I swear, it will drain you. I found myself so tired and hungry even though, all I did was sit the whole day. So don’t forget to bring food you’re allowed to eat inside the room. I met a really nice woman there, she’s Vietnamese and her name is Vi we’re seatmates during the exam. It was fun to have someone to share all the rants you both have about the test. I also met a lot of Filipino trainees, it was humbling to know their stories and made me realize how lucky I am. I like to converse with people cause each of them has story to tell and you can really learn a lot from it. Aside from testing my knowledge about Japanese..I think I learned a lot about life that day.  So humans, be grateful. Always.

The test results will be on February. I can’t confidently say that I will pass but whatever the result is, it was still great experience and I learned where I should focus on my study. I found out kanji is really my weakness and listening is my strength. My goal now is to take N3 this December 2017, but I haven’t composed myself yet to study again. I’ve been in hiatus for months, I hope I can bring back my motivation again.



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